Dr. Chandra R. Williams Patient Testimonials

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Dr. Chandra Williams and her staff are simply awesome! They did a phenomenal job with my implants and with taking care of me. From day one they took the time to carefully explain the procedure and surprise the procedure was painless. They ensure that my expectations were met both physically and mentally. Whenever I felt discomfort, they were very attentive, prescribed the necessary medicine and followed up with me during the healing process. I’m constantly raving about the professionalism, knowledge, passionate, kindness, and warmness that one feels as you enter or exit the doors of the office of Dr. Chandra Williams. I’ve lived and traveled the world and by far Dr. Chandra Williams is the best.

Dr. Williams was a God sent in my life.
First of all, when you walk in a place and the first thing you see is the word of God, you know you are in the right place. I first saw Dr. Williams on a TV commercial. I called to get an appointment. The implants I have is a testimony. The work that was started and could not be completed by another dentist is work only Dr. Williams could do.
Thank you, Dr. Williams for a work well done.
–L. Petoia

My experience with Dr. Williams and staff has been excellent. The staff is A++ professional. ” Since my initial consultation I have completed ” a professional whitening which I highly recommend if you’re concerned with ‘teeth discoloration. Additional, Services have been fulfilled to my expectations. I will continue services with Dr. Williams and staff.

Dr. Williams is a kind and gentle person. My experience was great. I really appreciate the knowledge that everyone showed. I am very new to the area. I am very happy that I chose this dentist. I feel very blessed to have found her.
–C. S.

Dear Dr. Williams,
It is not often that I write this type of letter. But you and your office have truly changed my smile and my life. I just want to say thank you for the superior job you have done on my teeth over the months, my teeth give me exactly what I needed to make me happy. I’ve been a faithful and happy patient for quite a while, and I couldn’t be more pleased with.

Ok, it’s simple. You guys rock! Have to say I was worried, but dang, no pain, quick and easy. Thank you so

My experience here at Dr. Chandra R Williams’ office is the best dental experience that everyone should experience. They are so good in what they do, it is the best work.
P.s. Much Love!!!

I won’t change a thing in deciding to have an implant done. didn’t realize the amount of time it required but I am grateful because I feel completely healed and cared for. My experience is most likely different that most as I expected an experience, I had some years ago with an existing implant I have. It was quick yet not lasting as I feel this will be. I am very impressed with the technology used in Dr. Williams procedure for implant. The process of examination and just the right amount of gum tissue build up was magical. She and her staff explained all the steps and if I had any pain or discomfort, they quickly responded. I would recommend this procedure at this dentist office, because I feel that I have made one of the best investments in my health and appearance than ever before. I must comment on the look and feel of the implant healing cap. It did the job and it-was very becoming in appearance when I smiled.

These are my first implants. They look and feel amazing!!! Dr. Williams and her assistant Ariel are the greatest. The entire office staff made me feel so comfortable.

Ariel made me feel special. She sounds like she has a genuine concern and wants to take care of me. When she called, I didn’t think about coming to an appointment, but to see some one who cared. Not a lot of people do that.

I had a great experience with Dr. Chandra Williams. She and her staff took their time every step of the way to ensure that I came out with excellent results. And the results were great!! Everything about my new partial denture shows Dr. Williams workmanship. From the exact color match to the shape of each tooth. They look very natural and most definitely brought my smile back to life. During my visits, everyone was very nice and attentive. I felt welcomed and valued as a person not just a s a patient.
I recommend everyone I care about and anyone who cares about their oral health.